Zucchini, Yellow, Calabaza, Acorn, Butternut, and Spaghetti

Yellow Squash

Yellow squash varieties are distinguished by either a crookneck and bulging end or a simple cylindrical shape. Yellow squash is the mildest of the edible-skinned summer squashes and features a sweet flesh. The crookneck variety is characterized by its bumpy skin and typically measures six to eight inches in length. Yellow squash is available year round.

Available Pack Sizes

  • Half Bushel Box
  • 5#, 10#, Custom Pack Sizes


The term ‘zucchini’ originates from ‘zucchino’, the Italian word for ‘small squash’. Despite its name, some of these squashes grow to a length of 18 inches. Thanks to its subtle flavor, zucchini proves to be incredibly versatile. Larger, mature zucchinis are particularly delicious when stuffed and baked. Zucchini is available year round.

Available Pack Sizes

  • 40# Wire Bound Zucchini
  • Custom Pack Sizes
  • Private Label
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