There’s only one way to say fresh.

And that’s Premier.

Whatever you need, wherever you are.

 Fort Worth, McAllen, Chicago, Orlando

Our way of doing business is simple: exceptional quality, friendly service, and vertical integration. By streamlining our process from the fields to your warehouse, we ensure the produce you get isn’t just fresh from the day it is picked to the day it delivers, it’s Premier Fresh.

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Round, Roma, Grape, and Cherry Tomatoes
Bell pepper image

Bell Peppers

Green and Colored Bell Peppers

Yellow squash image


Zucchini, Yellow, Calabaza, Acorn, Butternut, and Spaghetti

Broccoli Crowns

Broccoli Crowns

Fresh & tasty

Cucumber image


Available year-round

Jalapeno Pepper

Chili Peppers

Jalapeño, Serrano,  Poblano, Anaheim, and Habanero



Green, Red, Nappa, and Bok Choy


Carrots & Celery

Crisp and sweet



Delicate and flavorful

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Fresh is more than a passion, it’s our promise.


State Distribution


Service & Commitment

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Full Line Distributor

Value Added Programs

Tomato Repacker

Custom Packing

Crossdock and Consolidation

PrimusGFSI Certified Facilities

HACCP Certified Staff

Full Product Traceability

USDA Trained QC Staff

On-Site Truck Brokerage

817-367-3120 • Fort Worth, Texas

Premier Produce was founded on the principle of bringing a premium product and service to our customers at a fair price. Premier has become one of the leaders in the fresh produce industry through utilizing our four locations, vertical integration and a firm commitment to our principle. Premier offers PrimusGFSI Certified Facilities and a comprehensive traceability program. With strong alliances in the USA, Canada and Mexico, Premier provides the best quality and value year-round.

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