Carrots & Celery

Crisp and sweet


Carrots maintain their status as one of the most popular vegetables on the market due to their versatility and availability year-round. This vibrant orange root is a staple in cuisines worldwide with its ability to be consumed raw or cooked and offering a delicious touch to both sweet and savory dishes.

Available Pack Sizes

  • 25# Jumbo
  • 50# Jumbo
  • Consumer Packs: 48/1#, 24/2#, 16/3#, 10/5#
isolated carrot


Due to its versatility among cuisines across the globe, celery has been cultivated as a vegetable for centuries.

Available Pack Sizes

Sleeved or Naked:

  • 18 ct
  • 24 ct
  • 36 ct
Celery Isolated
Vegetable combined image